Appearances in 2021

June 30th - July 4th 2021 

June 26th 2021 

June 30th - July 4th 2021 

June 2nd - June 6th 2021 

June 3rd - July 4th 2021 

April 8th 2021

March 19th 2021 

March 16th 2021 

March 17th - 28th 2021 

January 21st 2021 

January 29th - February 6th 2021 

La Galeria - Audiovisual Installation - Joey Ramone Gallery - Art Week Rotterdam

Notes on an Immortal Being -  Lecture Performance - Rotterdam Architecture Month 

La Galeria - Audiovisual Installation - Joey Ramone Gallery - Artsy - Art Brussels Gallery Week 

PINPIN - Film - IFFR 2021

La Galeria - Opening of Audiovisual Installation - Joey Ramone Gallery

Notes on an Immortal Being -  Interview - 12 ways to film a building - Thursday night Live - Het Nieuw Instituut

PINPIN - Article on Film - un corto de Jaime Levinas en homenaje a la vida cotidiana en el barrio de Once - Infobae

PINPIN - Article on Film - Pinpin una odisea intima por el barrio del Once - Clarin

PINPIN - BAFICI 2021 - Argentine Competition 

PINPIN - Interview Lunch with PINPIN - Brasserie du Court

PINPIN - Clermont - Ferrand - International Competition


Selected Works

PINPIN (2021)

film - Argentina USA - 27 minutes 

A young man has just arrived from Europe and spends his days with his sister in an apartment in the Once neighborhood. While he gets used to his new life, he secretly dreams of the possibility that the cashier at a Chinese supermarket has some kind of interest in him.


Midnight Coffee (2020)

film - USA - 12 minutes 

On a late-night shift of a cafe, the barista burns a coffee unleashing a strange force.


La Galeria (2021)

Audiovisual Installation - single screen projection  + multichannel sound, 40 minutes, Argentina, USA, The Netherlands

La Galeria, can refer to both the predecessor of the shopping mall in the form of a hall with shops inside as well as the entrance space of multi-storey buildings. Sometimes combining both functions in one architectural structure.
The urban wholesale district of Buenos Aires, El Once, is filled with these shops and galerias, its rhythms and its textures, people and backgrounds. With the material of the film PINPIN, stripped from its narrative, the work lives on in a raw state. A state of pure ‘setting’.
The viewer is invited to acquaint itself with an environment that has become the shore of multiple migratory waves throughout the decades.
A place of cyclical narratives that repeat themselves over and over again. Day in and day out...

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