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A young man has just arrived from Europe and spends his days with his sister in an apartment in the Once neighborhood. While he gets used to his new life, he secretly dreams of the possibility that the cashier at a Chinese supermarket has some kind of interest in him.

2020 - Argentina / USA - 25 min


"Pinpin is a narrative in the form of a rarefied romantic comedy, which shares with the cinema of Eric Rohmer the willingness to yell to the protagonists so they fulfill what they put at stake, the desires they build. But precisely, as in Rohmer’s films, what’s important is the game and the desire, the exchange of looks, of words, of encounters. All of that plus their permanence, their insistence, their plausible return. In order to become obsessed, one has to have the chance of doing it, along with the impossibility of overcoming that floating state. Pinpin is built around a state of desire and of reserved movements to a neighborhood, to a nearby world whose promises seem close and obvious but become intangible, or at least divergent. Rohmer also knew that—the characters do not act like us, and in that discrepancy lies the desire to continue seeing how they don’t do that which we imagined we would have done."

Javier Porta Fouz - BAFICI

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Read the interview with Jaime here


Tomas Wicz                                                  Boy

Delia Hou                                               Cashier

Cecilia Czonorgas                                     Sister

Nelly Cantero                                            Rocio

Maria Emilia Durante                 Girl next door

Lucy Moon                             Supermarket girl

Fidel Vitale                                              Friend

Chang Hung Cheng                          Merchant

Agustin Alejandro Rodriguez             Kioskero

Morena Gallo                                          Friend

Alan Bartolich                               Papelito Guy

Xiomara Tejera                                      Call Girl


Director:                                  Jaime Levinas

Screenplay:                              Jaime Levinas

Producer:                              Lindsay Calleran

                                             Lucia Shapochnik

                                                Flor De Mugica

Cinematographer:                      Nicole Velez

Sound:                                     Facundo Giron

Sound Design:                         Noah Chevan

Music:                                       Noah Chevan

Editor:                                Andrew Aaronson

Production Designer:      Michael T. Jackson

Colorist:                           Maayan Gutterman

Poster Design:                             Kiki Gordon

Production Company:               Bomba Cine

Technical Details: 

Screening Format: DCP, ProRes, H264

Shooting Format: Digital

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Sound: 5.1

Spoken language: Spanish, Chinese, French

Subtitles: English

Colour: Colour

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