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Rotterdam Devoid / Installation / Rotterdam / 2015

Rotterdam Devoid was a site specific audio visual installation, set up in the highest floor of the old Royal Shell headquarters. The art project took as the main themes the abundance of space and with it the creation of void in Rotterdam. 


With more then 600m2 to install, the space offered a way to experiment with the thin line of exposing space without the necessity to fill it. Among other installations, The main hall was installed with a multi-channel sound installation in order to interact with the acoustic infrastracture of the building through resonance. The same installation was used in specific moments of the day for live performances by sound artists. 

Founders // Dimitris Damaskos / Jaime Levinas

Artists // Dimitris Damaskos / Jaime Levinas /June Yu

Performances // Kang / Mono-poly / Peter Edwards

Funding + Support // Fleur Groenendijk foundation / CBK Rotterdam / Rotterdam City / ZUS / GROOS

// Stereo versions of the multichannel compositions played at the main hall.

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